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1)      Who was Zarathushtra?

Zarathushtra Haechataspa Spitama was born in ancient Iran that was closely associated with Aryan civilization. Zarathushtra came from the oldest known Iranian stock, the Airyas, and lived in the north eastern steppes of Central Asia. Several scholars recognize Zarathushtra as the Aryan Prophet. Most scholars believe that he lived around 1700 BCE. This would make Zoroastrianism the oldest of the prophetic and monistic religions. Zarathushtra received his revelations directly from Ahura Mazda, and his aspects, Amesha Spentas that are recognized in younger Avesta as Archangels.

2)      What is the religion called?

Zarathushtra called our Faith Daênā Vañguhi, meaning “Religion of Good Conscience”. It is known as Daênā Māzdayasni, meaning “The Religion of Wisdom worship”. God of Zarathushtra is Wisdom personified – Ahura Mazda, meaning Lord Wisdom.

3)      What are the Basic teachings of Zarathushtra?

      Zarathushtra Spitama' was the first prophet to teach monotheism, the belief in one God. With his Divine revelation he preached the doctrine of reward and retribution - and gave the world the triple motto of "Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds". Or

-           Think good thoughts (Humata)

-           Speak good words (Hukhata)

-           Do good deeds (Hvarashta)

He composed seventeen profound hymns that are known as Gāthās.


4)      What are the major tenets of Zoroastrianism?

God: Ahura Mazda

The supreme being is called Ahura Mazda (Phl. Ohrmazd), meaning "Wisdom". Ahura Mazda is all good, and created a Joyful world and all good things, including people.

The thought process of the Creator - Ahura Mazda - follows the Progressive Benevolent Mentality called Spenta Mainyu. This mentality is opposed by Anghra Mainyu (Phl. Ahriman), meaning "Destructive Spirit or mentality”. Anghra Mainyu is the embodiment of evil and generates all evil thoughts, words and deeds. The cosmic battle between good and evil will ultimately lead to the defeat of all evil.

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