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  • Asha Vahishta Seminar/Colloquium: #6

Asha Vahishta Seminar/Colloquium: #6

  • 06 May 2017
  • OZCF

Asha Vahishta Seminar/Colloquium: #6

Blasphemy, Heresy, Heterodoxy and Zoroastrianism


Having discussed many aspects of faith and fellowship, the core themes of the Series, we shall now revisit all our previous discussions from a different approach and direction.


In the sixth colloquium we shall be discussing the idea of blasphemy, heresy and heterodoxy. What are these terms and concepts? How did they arise? What do they mean for religious faith and fellowship? And most importantly, do they have a place in Zoroastrianism?


Religion usually prescribes tenants of faith, articles of belief, adherences and proclamations.  But what about that which is denied?  Why is it?  What does this mean for faith and how does it affect fellowship within a global community?


From a Zoroastrian perspective we shall investigate these questions through a discussion of issues such as conversion, menstruation, death, intra-Zoroastrian global community relations and interfaith religious concerns.


The 6th Seminar is being held at the OZCF:

Title  - Blasphemy, Heresy, Heterodoxy and Zoroastrianism

Date  - May 6, 2017

Time - 1:00 pm onwards for 2-3 hours. Refreshments provided


If you plan to attend please contact Ervad Nozer Kotwal at (905) 820-0461.


For those who would like to join in via Skype, please contact Ervad Xerxes Madan at xerxes_madan@hotmail.com


A gentle reminder to participants to bring with them a pen. Paper shall be provided.

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