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AVI Conference (Conceptual Re-imagining of Faith to Re-claim Fellowship)

  • 26 May 2018
  • 8:00 AM - 10:18 PM
  • OZCF

AVI Conference (Conceptual Re-imagining of Faith to Re-claim Fellowship)  

A reminder that the AVI Conference (Asha Vahishta Conference) continues this Saturday May 26!!!!

The program for the day is listed below, running from 8am-8pm

Audience members may stay for the entire day, or particular sessions, however, please do RSVP this information to

Ervard Nozer Kotwal at nskotwal1@gmail.com


For further information regarding the AVI (seminar synopses, Full Conference Brochure, Conference Panelist Biographies, the AVI Vision Document “The 101 Inspirations”) – please visit the OZCF website at:  https://ozcf.wildapricot.org/  


Programme (May 26)

Conceptual Re-imagining of Faith to Re-claim Fellowship

Main Theme:  Faith requires constant re-imagining for Fellowship to be vibrant and dynamic (An Operational Perspective).  The opening address will explain how the AVI re-imagines faith/fellowship as an authentic expression of Zoroastrianism in diaspora.  Subsequent sessions reflect on the various elements of re-imagining involved, their necessity, and their promotion of fellowship.


Session 1 (8:00am-9:00am): Panaino

The Foundations for Intercultural Cosmopolitanism: Daena Mazdayasni an Anti-Paradigm and Counter-Narrative to Hegemony.

(Recognizing that the virtue and unique history of the Daena, was its ability to resist a mummification of attitudes, at the hand of religious adjudicators).


Session 2 (9:30am-10:30am): Niyozov

Re-Imagining and Re-Claiming:  Tajiks and Central Asians.

(How do populations identify and maintain a sense of belonging, despite remote history, and fractured sociocultural connections).


Session 3 (11:00am-12:00pm): Samuel

Insights for an Anti-Oppression Methodology Guiding Religion:  Dalit, Christian-Dalit, and Comparative Theologies.

(What is the relevance and importance for theology in a ‘secular’ context?  Must theology be comparative for it to truly aspire to liberation?)


Session 4 (12:30pm-1:30pm): Dhondy

Identity & Belonging: Constructing Histories & Choosing Narratives for a Decolonization of Mind and Spirit.

(Writing the history you want to live. Defining oneself, one’s faith, and one’s actions, through conscious selection.)


Session 5 (2:00pm-3:00pm): Rahmanian

Bringing Simorgh to Life (the SHE of the Creator)!  Re-Imagining, as Authentic, Intimate and Subversive Emotional Wisdom.

(Art is important to maintain an active connection to Faith.  Creative representation communicates ethos.  Faith-messaging education).


Session 6 (3:30pm-4:30pm): Schwartz

A History of God(s) in Zoroastrianism.

(Do terms like "monotheism"/"dualism" apply to the Gathas? An overview of historical Zoroastrian worship and belief provides context).


Session 7 (5:00pm-6:00pm): Lightsey

Faith for All, Fellowship for All:  Womanist Theology, Black Liberation Theology, Queer Theology.

(M.K. Gandhi and M.L King Jr., both noted that sociopolitical systems must be judged and measured by their treatment of the marginalized).


Session 8 (6:30pm-7:30pm): O’laoire

By Addition not Subtraction, Old Wisdom for a New Age: How the Celts and Christianity were enriched by the Tuatha Dé Danann  

(A case study in the assimilation and metamorphosis of Irish spirituality, constantly reaffirming a wisdom of interdependence and a worship of reciprocity Daena).

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